Little Big Shots Auditions 2018 Details

Little Big Shots is a children’s talent show. This America based reality TV series first premiered on NBC on March 8, 2016. The series is produced, created and presented by Ellen DeGeneres and Steve Harvey.

Little Big Shots 2018 Auditions

Little Big Shots 2018 Auditions Requirement:

Based on previous season below are the expected requirement:

  • Males and females (0-14)
  • Smart
  • Unique
  • Different
  • funny kids with big personalities; can sing, dance, do sports, or variety.
  • Looking for kids who are the youngest at what they do.

Apply For Little Big Shots Season 3 Auditions:

Follow the below steps:

About Little Big Shots:

The theme of the show, “Little Big Shots,” is to showcase some young talents and present them to the world.  This new comedy-variety series is hosted by Harvey which adds to its fun part.

The show presents a bunch of young talented kids who are musicians, singers, dancers, mimics, and comedians or performers. Basically, all kinds of talents are welcome on the show. Harvey makes indulges with them in humorous conversations and interviews, with hilarious results.

From hip hop dancers to fine actors, these blessed prodigy leave the country awestruck with their performances.

Executive produced by DeGeneres, Harvey, Jeff Kleeman and Gerald Washington, “Little Big Shots” is produced by Warner Horizon Television.

On May 9, 2015 NBC gave the series the permission to telecast eight episodes of the show which would be of one hour duration. Basically the notion NBC has about the show is, “Harvey will showcase young musicians, singers, dancers and every form of wunderkind in the country, and go toe to toe with them in conversations and interviews, with hilarious results.”

The first eight episodes of the show ere greatly applauded by the audience. These were titled as, Little Bruce Lee, Little Boy Blue, I’m Not a Princess, A One, Two Punch, Little Piece of Heavenly, The Karate Kid, Little Piano Man and The Idiom of Love.

And a final brief episode showcasing best of the moments, “Top 10 Moments”

On March 14, 2016, NBC renewed the series for a second season, which will premiere on March 5, 2017.

The series premiered as a “preview” after The Voice with more than 12 million viewers, it then premiered in its regular Sunday at 8:00 PM timeslot on March 13, 2016 and it proved to be a hit for NBC with more than 15 million viewers.

The series used to air on every Sunday at 8:00 pm and proved to be a great hit for NBC. Seeing its great success, NBC on September 28, 2016 made announcement of a spin off to the series titled Little Big Shots: Forever Young centering on elderly contestants showcasing their talent.

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